How and Why to Build and Be Your Own Brand

BrandBuildMe: The Power of Being and Building Your Brand expands on Wendy Dubit’s successful work with Fortune 500 companies. By combining the best of personal touch and technology, BrandBuildMe extends such opportunities to individuals, small businesses and others.

BrandBuildMe serves a broad audience that includes but is not limited to:

* Individuals of all ages and stages and from all walks of life

* Groups

* Corporations large and small

* Countries, places, municipalities

* Organizations, schools, community groups and more

What Makes BrandBuildMe Compelling to its Target Market?

BrandBuildMe creates and aggregates the hands-on consulting and coaching, brainstorming and technology tools and services that are essential to building and promoting one’s brand, from propriety practices like Blisscipline (pursuing one’s passion with purpose) and Namestorming (how to choose your unique mission, vision and name) to services like domain registration, incorporation, trademark, web design and hosting, custom publishing, online sales and promotion, insurance and accounting and more.  AND BrandBuildMe will help promote your brands with and for you!

To accomplish this, BrandBuildMe offers unique value addeds to customers and partners alike. Where some might see competition, we realize synergy!

BrandBuildMe uses its own proprietary practices and tools to power aggregated services in such areas as:

* Domain registration

* Brand and web design and promotions

* Small business and corporate services

Entities such as, USPTO, USPO, SBA, BBB, search engines, registrars and web hosts are invited to join BBM, and to enjoy the benefits of doing so.

BrandBuildMe is innovative in that it interweaves four strong threads for maximum brand building and promotion:

1) Best-of-industry brand building and promotion practices

2) Wendy’s vast experience building brands under her own Vergant and WonderWorks banners and for such clients as America Online, Bertelsmann Music Group, Martha Stewart Living, New Line Cinema, Pantone, Primedia, The Council on Economic Priorities, The New York City Department of Education, Unilever and Wilderness Films

3) Use of today’s best, most affordable, effective and comprehensive technologies

4) Use of BrandBuildMe to build, promote, profit from and track your brand(s)

BrandBuildMe not only relies on multiple, diverse revenue streams; it equally helps its customers and partners learn about and realize revenues using these same streams (where appropriate to their business models).

Revenue streams include but are not limited to:

* Consulting fees

* Speaking/publishing fees

* Sponsorships/underwriting

* Online sales of self-produced and affiliate products

* Commission on referrals in such areas as:

* Domain registrations

* Web hosting and design

* Design, accounting, legal

For every good reason, we hope you’ll join us!

Warmly and looking forward,

Wendy Dubit, Founder

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